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Best Prom Dance Cover Band Entertainment Ideas 2023

Best Prom Dance Cover Band Entertainment Ideas 2023

Prom Music? What Type of Music Should You Get?

There are two primary options you could look at for prom music:

Live band

Premade playlist
Live bands and DJs can create the perfect atmosphere for your event, which a playlist can rarely do. Let’s take a closer look at these options and what they offer.

The Pros of DJs and Live Bands for Prom
Professionalism. It’s that simple.

Musicians and DJs make a living out of providing entertainment. They know when to amp it up or take it down a notch for a slow dance. They’ve done it a thousand times before and are adept at reading the room and providing the right vibe.

Whilst a playlist will do the job, it’s best to leave it to the pros if you have the budget.

Live Party Band
There’s nothing quite like live music. When it comes to lively prom nights and summer balls, we suggest a cover band that specialises in party tunes from every era.

Whilst cover bands of yesteryear might bring to mind connotations of pub rock and dodgy dance moves, our party bands are a million miles from that stereotype. You’ll find a setlist packed with contemporary chart hits that will be sure to keep the dance floor in full flow.

If you have particular songs that are important to your school, just let the band know before the event, and they’ll be happy to learn one or two to play on the night.

Professional DJ
DJs may not provide the same wow factor as a high-quality band, but they do have strengths of their own.

DJs can generally play all night and often cost less than a band because there are simply fewer people to pay.

Bands are limited to how many songs they can learn for your event. But, if given advance notice, a DJ can play any song you’d like. Just make sure you book the right DJ who’s open to requests.

DJs can also play genres that most bands can’t, such as Trap, Grime and Drum ‘n’ Bass.

The Best of Both Worlds
There’s no reason you couldn’t book live music and a DJ. Depending on the venue, you could book an acoustic act for the first few hours during the meal and then move on to a band or DJ for the later hours. In fact, you’ll find plenty of acts that can do both!

DJ for prom
Prom Entertainment Ideas
Although finding the right music for your prom night is essential, it isn’t the only thing to consider. Check out some of these other prom ideas for a magical summer ball your guests will love.

Selfie Stations
Photos are an important element of Prom since they are the simplest method to remember the night. While most venues continue to take official prom photographs, it’s becoming increasingly customary to have a selfie station. Your peers can spend hours shooting images of themselves and each other.

Setting up a vibrant background with interactive decorations, costume accessories, or even a photo booth is great to add flair to your Prom. It’s a form of entertainment in itself.

Fireworks are Adorable
If you’re fortunate enough to have a large outside location for your celebration, a fireworks show is an excellent finisher for Prom and the most spectacular and emotional last hurrah to school. If you have the budget, a professional fireworks company can tailor the show to suit your theme and soundtrack.

Set Up a Game Area

Teens who are bored at Prom are more inclined to abandon the event. Make sure that boredom doesn’t take over by incorporating entertaining activities that will entice everyone to stay for the duration.

Set up a gaming room where guests can unwind or keep active throughout the night. Include a range of activities, such as board games, card games, and video games, and allow them to compete in tournaments throughout the night.

Hire a Comedian
Regardless of your prom theme, we all need a good chuckle now and then. Hiring a comedian for your prom entertainment is an unexpected but fun idea.

Most comedians are skilled at adapting their material to the audience, so give information about your school’s competitors, noteworthy moments, and eccentricities to personalise the presentation for your year group.

With a larger-than-life figure, you can transform your prom night from drab to fantastic. Just like the music, emceeing is better with a professional, and a comedian will be all too happy to do those duties for you.

Event Magician
Hire a Magician

Everybody enjoys magic. You could book a close-up magician for your Prom to circulate among the groups, wowing and dazzling everyone as they keep the party going all night.

Not sure if you want a magician or comedian? A comedy magician can provide the best of both worlds.

Hand out Prom Party Favors
Gifts can be a fantastic addition to prom celebrations. You can hand them out before, during, or after the event.

For example, you might order everyone prom shirts with your theme to give out during the event. Before Prom, you could also hold school events to get everyone pumped up with exciting party goodies.

Having after-prom party treats that you can send out at a future date is a wonderful idea. These prom party goodies might be photos from the night or another type of nostalgia-inducing item.

Prom event themes
Prom Theme Ideas

Matching a theme with the entertainment can be a great idea. Just try to keep your budget in mind when making your decision.

Masquerade Ball
Tiaras, limousines, corsages, tuxedos, and evening dresses are all the rage on prom night, so why not encourage students to wear masks as well.

A masquerade ball is a popular prom theme that can add a little mystery to your event. Some ideas for decorations include a castle venue, chandeliers, and beautiful masks from the ceilings.

You could encourage partygoers to make their own masks and give prizes for the best ones.

Around the World Theme
With this around-the-world theme, prom attendees will be able to explore the world in only one night.

Try setting up stations so guests can choose finger snacks from various international cuisines. Add travel-themed decor, such as a free-standing globe.

Hollywood prom theme
Hollywood Party

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel like a celebrity for one night?

The beauty of this theme is that it can be carried out at any prom venue site, whether it’s a hotel venue or school hall.

Of course, the red carpet and many other prom decorations are essential when holding a Hollywood prom. You could easily hire a roll of the red carpet or utilise a cheap red plastic covering for the attendees.

Add the final touches of gold and silver, as well as spotlights to complement your peers. You could even give out “Oscars” instead of traditional prom awards.

Beautify the Prom With a Garden Theme
You can book a venue with a beautiful garden, and the rest writes itself.

With a beautiful garden theme, you can turn your prom night into a fairytale. What could be more romantic than bright flowers, lovely lighting, and a swoon-worthy gazebo? You can also adorn the indoor space with stunning flowers and lit-up trees.

If you’re feeling crafty, hang string lights throughout the venue and make floral arrangements. You could also add to the romanticism by purchasing a gorgeous garden arch.

Invest in Neon Lights
If you want to have a great dance party at Prom, utilise neon dancing lights to create a lively, cheerful atmosphere.

The key to pulling off this look is bright lighting, so you might need to enlist the aid of the school play crew. To vary the space’s aesthetic, use a black light too.

Place glow sticks on each table so that when it’s time to hit the dance floor, everyone has a great time lighting up the area even more. You could decorate the entryway with neon arches and glow in the dark balloons.

Prom dancing
How to Plan A Prom Night Event
The end of year Prom is the perfect occasion for friends to enjoy one last night together, so make it one to remember!

Prom isn’t Prom without dancing! So, your grand summer ball needs some form of music.

The entertainment you book is an essential ingredient for creating an unforgettable prom, so the music isn’t something you should skimp on.

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